The Resurrection and the Life.

The Hymns of the church can be wonderful helps for us as we meditate on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus this week. John Newton has served the church for the past 200 years with his Gospel-centered hymns. I was helped this week by meditating on his hymn based on Jesus' words to Martha in John 11:25 in light of the death of her brother, Lazarus. May it bless you as you consider how Christ's death and resurrection opened the way for those who follow Him in faith to be raised to eternal life with Him.  (Praise His Name!)

John Newton:

"I Am, saith Christ our glorious head, 
(May we attention give)
The resurrection of the dead, 
The life of all that live.

By faith in me, the soul receives
New life, tho' dead before; 
And he that in my name believes,
Shall live, to die no more.

The sinner, sleeping in his grave,
Shall at my voice awake; 
And when I once begin to save,
My work I ne'er forsake."

Fulfill thy promise, gracious LORD,
On us assembled here; 
Put forth thy Spirit with the word,
And cause the dead to hear.

Preserve the pow'r of faith alive, 
In those who love they name;
For sin and Satan daily strive
To quench the sacred flame.

Thy pow'r and mercy first prevailed
From death to set us free;
And often since our life had failed,
If not renewed by thee.

To thee we look, to thee we bow; 
To thee, for help, we call;
Our life and resurrection thou,
Our hope, our joy, our all.