Looking to God to Provide, Both In Plenty and In Want

I've found that the writing of Andrea Burke always encourages and convicts me. She's a gifted writer as well as a faithful truth-teller. I was encouraged again with her recent article on trusting God for our daily bread. I encourage you to give it a read as well here

Andrea Burke: 

"Because years ago when I was a single mom and my daughter was not yet two, we ran out of milk. A crisis. The two of us were driving around an old Chevy Tahoe that had no air conditioning in the middle of the August heat in Fort Worth, Texas. Our legs stuck to the leather seats and when I moved, my skin peeled off like Elmer’s glue, but I needed milk for the baby. I had no money. Paycheck to paycheck would’ve been a dream at that point. We drove to the closest grocery store where I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew. In the parking lot, while she kicked and giggled in her seat, I crouched down and scrounged around the floorboards. Between the goldfish pieces and dirt, I found a few nickels, pennies, dimes. These added up and quarters felt like a jackpot. Enough for a gallon of milk.
"The week before, I paid for gas in change. $2.65 in pennies, nickels, and dimes for about one gallon of gas. 14 miles of driving. Just enough to get where I needed to go.
"It felt like the Lord was multiplying the change on my floorboards like loaves and fishes. The same floor mats I turned over last week somehow returned a payday again. I returned to where feet scuffed and dirt collected, and God met me with the grease still under my fingernails at the end of myself."