The Magical Birth Canal

There is a social justice group who call themselves "Choice 4 2" who have been producing excellent videos which call into question the messed up logic of abortion. Their latest is called, "The Magical Birth Canal" which uses sarcasm and satire to make a great point. In Canada and much of the USA, it is legal to abort a pregnancy up to the ninth month, that is right up until the baby is ready to be delivered. Yet, it is of course illegal to kill a baby once it has already been delivered. Or as the video puts it, once it has traveled through the "Magical Birth Canal." 

Check out the website for Choice 4 2 to find helpful pro-life resources and videos of mothers who chose life. 

Check out the video here. Or watch it below on my blog. Also, you might want to read this helpful article from Stand to Reason which is where I discovered these videos.