Transformation Classes for Adults at Stanton EFC

Every Sunday at Stanton Evangelical Free Church about an hour and fifteen minutes prior to the worship service we have what I like to call, "Transformation Classes" for all ages. The term "transformation" comes from Romans 12:2, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind". We believe the more we are able to learn what God's Word says the more our hearts and minds will be shaped by His Word. We recognize our need to be transformed by the Word of God and so we provide opportunities for that through the ministry of our "Transformation Classes" (or as they have been historically known as, "Sunday School"). 

We currently offer two such Transformation Classes at Stanton EFC. One is led by our deacon chairman, Clint Frerichs. He is leading a Study of  Genesis, that foundational book of the Bible. I am leading the other class and currently we are at a transition point. I am planning to finish a course called, "Knowing, Living, and Speaking the Gospel" this Sunday, July 1. Then beginning on July 8, we will begin a course focused on Christian worship practices. We will learn more about what the Bible teaches us about how the church is to worship corporately, and the elements of Christian worship services. We will take some time to discuss why we sing, pray, preach, read God's Word, take an offering, baptize, and participate in the Lord's Table. This class should take us through to the end of the summer.

In early September then, I am planning to begin a class called, "Dispatches from the Front, part 2". Last fall we had "Dispatches from the Front" in which we watched the videos produced by Frontline Missions which take you on a journey around the world visiting the front-lines of where the Gospel is moving and taking ground from the enemy. We watched volumes 1-5 of that video series and this fall we will watch the next five volumes in the series. If you'd like to know more about Frontline Missions click here or about their videos click here

In my few years here in Stanton, I have found the hour prior to the worship service to have been one of my most enjoyable hours of each week. I have just loved being challenged by God's Word and the questions that come up in the classes every week. If you have not been able to take part in a Transformation Class at Stanton EFC, let me invite and encourage you to come and see what it's like. Come and be transformed.