Sermon Plans for the Fall at SEFC

School has started, we had a high of 69 degrees in Nebraska yesterday, and the first college football games of any significance take place this Saturday. I even went golfing this week and lost a few balls due to the leaves on the course! This all means that Fall is upon us. This week I have been working on my sermon plans for the upcoming Fall months so I thought I share them with you to let you know what you can anticipate when you come to worship at Stanton Evangelical Free Church the next few months. 

This Sunday, September 02, we will finish up our short series on Haggai, we will then move into a few sermons on Proverbs and then in November I will begin a series on the Gospel of Luke. In the Proverbs series we will hear sermons on the main themes of the book which will be based on several different verses and passages in the book. I have listed one or more verses as the primary text, but they will not be the only verses we focus on in those sermons. 

Date                         Text                                Sermon Title

Sept 09                Proverbs 1:1-7               The Way of Wisdom

Sept 16                Proverbs 29:23                    Humility

Sept 23                Proverbs 26:12-16               Laziness

Oct 07                 Proverbs 18:22                     Marriage

Oct 14                 Proverbs 14:26                     Parenthood

Oct 21                 Proverbs 17:17                      Friendship

Oct 28                 Proverbs 12:6, 13-25            Speech

Nov 04                Proverbs 12:22 & 14:27     Life and Death

Nov 11                Luke 1:1-4                   That You May Have Certainty

Nov 18                Luke 1:5-25                 Getting Ready for the Lord

Nov 25                Pastor Clint on Study Leave