Vacation 2018

We had a wonderful week of vacation in Wisconsin Dells. We'd like to share with you a bit of the fun we had. Enjoy the pictures.

The Dells are known for their waterparks.
My younger sister Andrea vacationed with us in the Dells. We all loved having her enjoy the week with us. 

We didn't get many pictures of the kids enjoying the waterparks, but they spent most of their time in the Wave Pool. Here are a few pictures of them in the shallow part.
Betty didn't always enjoy being in the water, but here is a smile. 

Luther had a ball.
As Packer would say, "We're just chill-laxin."

The kids loved the bumper cars at Knuckleheads. Mom looks like she is enjoying herself too.

Here is the Duck Pond behind our resort. The kids loved feeding the ducks each morning, so as you can see whenever we came outside, the ducks rushed over to see if they would be fed. 

We enjoyed a Brewers game while Andrea stayed with Betty at the Resort. The kids were excited to meet All Star pitcher Josh Hader.

All Star and Home Run Derby Champ Bryce Harper batting. He hit a big 3-run home run for those nasty Nationals to beat the Brewers 7-3.

The boys by their favorite Johnsonville Racing Sausage, the Hot Dog. He won the big race that day.

The Johnsonville Racing Sausages.

It was a quiet ride back to the resort from a good day at the Ball Park.