Summer 2018 Memories

The Summer of 2018 was a memorable one. In June we enjoyed baseball and softball games with our three oldest children (though too many were rain-outs). In July Greta and I enjoyed Rocky Mountain National Park with some of our favorite students (see those pictures here). Our family then enjoyed a vacation to Wisconsin Dells (see those pictures here). In August we celebrated two birthdays in our family and got to go to the Albert City Thresherman and Collectors Show. Those pictures are below as well as my favorite thing that happened this summer. Enjoy.

Luther's favorite thing to do was to sit on the antique tractors and pretend he was driving them. I did the same thing at the Thresherman's show when I was his age. 

Packer was excited to get to throw some bundles into the thresher for the first time. He is being carefully supervised by his cousin Max (to his left), his cousin Tim (in the sunglasses) and his grandpa Denny (in the foreground).

These two boys are waiting their turn.

Those two boys are Keaton and Luther, 2nd  Hogrefe cousins. 

I was proud of my cousin Tony Hogrefe who performed some of our Grandpa Hogrefe's songs on stage at Thresherman's. The last time Tony was on this stage was when he was a grade-schooler singing with Grandpa. He memorialized Grandpa Emil by having his guitar and cowboy hat stand next to him.

My Grandpa Hogrefe's 300 and my Dad's 460 are always on hand to help pull loads. 

Luther now loves to shoot baskets, even though he can barely get the ball up there himself. He doesn't get discouraged, he just keeps shooting. 

My favorite thing that happened this summer!!
Finally, my oldest two are old enough to take over mowing the lawn for their old man. This was a great joy to watch. 

Luther is paying close attention. He can't wait to be able to mow someday.