God Knows What He is Talking About

I have recently been reading an old book by the late R. C. Sproul. The book has been around since 1987 and has had several different titles in its now 31 years of existence. It has most recently been re-released as Enjoying God.  The book is a brief study of the attributes of God, which is always helpful to go over.

In his chapter on the omniscience of God, which is God's inherent ability to know all things, Sproul wrote a very helpful section encouraging us that we can trust God knows what He is talking about, especially in regards to His commands. Even though we or our culture may think God's commands are outdated, Sproul reminds us that the all-knowing God knows a little more than we do about life and how it is best lived. It would be wise to trust him.

Here is that very helpful section from the book, Enjoying God, by R. C. Sproul:


Why is God's omniscience so extremely relevant to our understanding of the Bible? We are often asked to stand on the teaching of the Bible or to stand on the opinions of experts who disagree with the Bible.

 Is premarital sex healthy or not? I have read the judgments of psychiatrists who claim that under certain conditions premarital sex is not only permissible but a positive contribution to a healthy marriage.

On the other hand, the New Testament takes a different view. The Apostle Paul wrote, "But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints" (Eph 5:3).

Now we have a conflict. Leading experts tell us that fornication (sexual immorality) is all right. They are joined by a chorus of educators and even some clergy. We add to this the reports of sexual historians, like Kinsey and Chapman, who have surveyed modern Americans and discovered that the vast majority have practiced premarital sex. This is true outside the church and inside the church as well.

The statistical information seems so overwhelming - is the Bible giving bad advice here? Is this just Paul's opinion, or is it the Word of God? If it is the Word of God, why is it so out of sync with modern theory and practice?

One answer we cannot give is that the Bible is wrong because God doesn't understand human nature. Remember, if God is omniscient, He knows what He is talking about.  

God knows what He is talking about. That is the heart of the practical implications of God's omniscience. We can absolutely trust His advice. He knows more than the educators, more than the American Psychiatric Association, more than a symposium of learned clergyman, more than newspaper columnists or TV talk show hosts. If every scholar in the world agreed that premarital sex was good and God said it was bad, would there be any contest?

As a pastor I have encountered conflict between what Scripture enjoins and what human opinion suggests. These conflicts are often in serious matters that cannot be treated lightly. I have found my own instincts in counseling clearly in conflict with what I knew the Scriptures to teach. It is at this point that we run head-on into our view of the Scripture and our view of God. Humility demands that we bow before the One who is omniscient.

All of God's laws reflect His perfect omniscience. But His law also reflects His benevolence, His love for us. God's law is not only brilliant but kind. God, being omniscient, not only knows what is best for me but, in His kindness, wants what is best for me. This is a difficult idea to swallow because it is virtually built into our fallen natures to think that God's law is against us. If God really loved us, His law would not be so restrictive, we tend to think. But He prohibits sin not because sin enhances human life but because it destroys human life. God knows that. God knows what He is doing.

(from R. C. Sproul The Character of God, Regal, 1995 pp. 72-74)